Weddings By Ravi

Weddings By Ravi

Traditional Sri Lankan couple sharing a tender moment amidst cultural splendor
Sri Lankan Traditional Wedding: Amila And Ayesha Embrace Love in Scenic Beauty

Sri Lanka, an island country in south-east Asia, has a rich cultural heritage and traditions worth exploring. The beautiful wedding photography called ‘sambal puvanam’, also known as ‘kukum puvanam’ is an important part of this tradition. This unique practice dates back to ancient times and reflects the island country’s values, beliefs, and customs.

In Sri Lanka, a traditional wedding bride wears jewelry on her head during the photo shoot. She ensures that there are no posed moments in the photos, as it adds to their beauty and romantic feel. The photoshoot includes everything from getting ready with groomsmen to the final dance, adding more personality to the photographs.

Traditional Wedding Cake

The wedding ceremony is a symbol of Sri Lanka’s culture, where only the wedding cake is served. The wedding cake decorations are a must-see moment in the celebration as they represent the island’s rich cultural heritage. ceremony and adds to its beauty. The cafe decorations match the wedding theme, and the food is delicious, making it an important part of the celebration.

Sri Lanka’s traditional wedding photography has become more articulate than ever before, capturing these moments with artistry and beauty. It is not only visual but also symbolic of Sri Lanka’s culture and values.

It is a Tradition

Also in Sri Lanka’s wedding tradition, the groom gets ready with his groomsmen, who act as his best men. This tradition adds more personal touches to the photographs. The final dance is an important moment in the wedding ceremony where couples express their love and commitment to each other. The bride and groom pose for a group photo that captures the celebration of their union.

The wedding photographer plays a crucial role in capturing these moments, using natural light from the outside, lighting up the room, and incorporating flashlights to create a beautiful ambiance. The bridal attire is adorned with flower garlands that add a romantic feel to the photos.

Sri Lanka’s traditional wedding photography reflects its rich cultural heritage and values. From the bridal attire adorned with flower garlands to the final dance, it captures these moments with artistry and beauty that makes them a cherished part of the celebration. It is an important aspect of Sri Lanka’s culture and tradition that deserves exploration for those who seek to learn more about this island country.

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