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Weddings By Ravi

Happy couple embracing on sandy beach during romantic beach wedding shoot

Beach Engagement Sessions in Sri Lanka

Romantic Beach Engagement photos on the beach is necessary for any couple who adores the beachside. Some couples wish to capture the special memories they shared at the beach in their wedding photos. You do not need to be a regular beachgoer to enjoy the beautiful scenery and natural light of an engagement session on the beach. Everything you need to know to prepare for an intimate and romantic beach picture shoot is below, so keep reading if that sounds good. Thanks to our expert panel, we have all your questions covered, from what to wear to when to set up your location. Also included are real beach photoshoots.

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Choosing the Perfect Beach Locations

The first thing we must do is choose a pleasant beach site. Then, we selected a time for the shoot.  

Best Locations for Engagement Photos in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka, a small island nation in the Indian Ocean has so many ridiculously gorgeous beaches it is hard to know where to start. You can head directly from the airport to crowded, beautiful Negombo; witness stilt fishers and discover bohemian surf chic along the south coast; look out for whales in Mirissa, or mingle with locals on the vast, sandy stretches in the east around Trincomalee. Whether you prefer a deserted sliver of sand with no one else around, sociable settings with restaurants and bars on the shore, or to get active in surfing, you will discover a spot you will adore.  

Romantic couple embracing tenderly with a stunning sunset backdrop.
Stunning Unawatuna Beach in Sri Lanka, known for its pristine sands and turquoise waters.

Preparing for the Session

Keeping your color tones soft will ensure your look is cohesive with the environment and the attention stays on you as a couple. So chose neutral colors for their beach engagement photos, such as pale blues, beige, and green seagrass. Advises couples who want their ensembles to make a statement to think about dressing like swimmers at some point during the picture shoot. “For those feeling bold, end the session by putting that beach attire into good use—in the water!” But keep in mind that, regardless of the kind of engagement shoot you are doing, it is ideal to dress comfortably because it will boost your self-assurance in front of the camera. 

Tips for Beach Engagement Photos

Avoid overanalyzing it. Have fun, be present with your partner, and show up. Your images will appear more natural the more you two interact in real life. Although the photographer is there to assist you, try not to let your appearance in pictures get you down. You two will take incredibly lovely photos together that perfectly capture who you two are as a couple if you trust the process and the photographer. 

Checking the weather is one of the top three recommendations for couples taking beach engagement photos. “Knowing what to expect (cold, windy, damp, hot) will allow you to better prepare for it and look amazingly calm and perfect in your photos.” A slight breeze is wonderful as it adds lovely movement to your hair or attire, but excessive wind might cause sand to fly into your eyes, so always check the weather. Having
stated that we encourages flexibility in relationships. “You may have to reschedule one, two, or even four times for your filming days! Keep in mind the season you are shooting in and be mindful of any nearby storms. The sun appears after the storm

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