Weddings By Ravi

Weddings By Ravi

Wedding couple in military attire posing for a portrait

What is a Military Wedding ?

Military weddings are extremely important and have a deeper meaning than regular wedding festivities. These unions commemorate the sacrifices and devotion of those who serve in the military and the love and commitment between two people. The following are some salient features that set military weddings apart: 

  1. Tradition and Protocol
    Due to the military’s long history and core principles, military weddings are rife with tradition and protocol. Every element of the wedding is carefully organized to preserve military traditions, from ceremonial procedures to clothing guidelines.
  2. Service Symbolism 
    Military marriages honor the bravery and altruism of those in the armed forces. Couples who exchange vows in the shadow of the sacrifices made by soldiers in uniform give their vows a deeper significance.


  3. Patriotic aspects American flags covering the ceremony site and saber arch rituals led by fellow service members are just two examples of the patriotic aspects frequently weaved throughout military weddings. These patriotic emblems act as a reminder of the couple’s commitment to their country.


Uniforms are one of the most recognizable aspects of a military wedding. Because every regiment has its own customs and past, every service garment is different, adding a delicate touch to every military wedding. As part of their kit issue, some Regiments are given their No. 1 dress; nevertheless, for some other Corps and Services, this may be the Groom’s first opportunity to wear their No. 1 dress! In training, the Royal Navy, RAF, and Royal Marines are all assigned their No. 1 clothing, so on the big day, organizing this is a little bit simpler. 

Planning the Photo Shoot

Military Wedding Photoshoots capturing the spirit of a military wedding call for meticulous preparation and focus on detail. Here is how to organize a meaningful and unforgettable picture shoot: 

  1. Pick the Perfect location: Pick a location that honors military service, such as a historic military installation, a patriotic monument, or a gorgeous outdoor setting with patriotic accents. Consider the couple’s tastes and military experience while selecting the ideal photo session setting.
  2. Coordinate with Military Personnel: To guarantee compliance with laws and safety procedures, if the couple wants to use military customs or equipment in their photo session, they should coordinate with military personnel. This can entail arranging the picture shoot to use military equipment, vehicles, or uniforms.
  3. Include Military Symbols: Use symbols from the armed forces, such as dog tags, military insignia, American flags, or camouflage designs, to add meaning to the photo session. In addition to honoring the couple’s military service, these symbols provide the pictures with more visual appeal.

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