Weddings By Ravi

Weddings By Ravi

Romantic couple embraces amidst lush greenery in pre-wedding shoot
Amidst the lush embrace of nature, love takes center stage in this enchanting photoshoot. Every frame tells a story written in the language of leaves and laughter.

For those of you who are planning your dream wedding, let’s take a step back and imagine how it could look. With the world becoming more eco-friendly every day, many couples are looking for ways to incorporate nature into their celebration without compromising on style or budget. Well, now is your chance!

As you plan out the details of your wedding, don’t forget about incorporating photography that highlights the beauty and charm of nature. Not only does it save money, but it also allows for a unique and personal touch to your celebration. Let’s take inspiration from the world-renowned botanical gardens and use them as the backdrop for your wedding photographer.

Brainstorming ideas with your photographer

  • Start with a greenery shoot or photography session. This will give you an idea of what kind of shots you’ll be able to capture and how they’ll look together.
  • Choose a location that has plenty of greenery, such as a botanical garden or park. A natural setting allows for more creative choices like shooting under trees, through bushes, or in open meadows.
  • Plan out your shoot in advance to avoid any last-minute hiccups. Make sure to communicate with the venue ahead of time and let them know what type of shots you’d like to capture. This will also give you some leverage if you run into any issues that need to be resolved before your big day.
  • Choose a photographer whose style aligns with nature photography. Look for someone who specializes in using natural light, and capturing shots of details like flowers, leaves, and grass. A photographer who shares your passion for capturing the beauty of nature will likely be a better fit for your wedding celebration.
  • Be prepared to work with nature! The natural world can sometimes pose challenges during photography sessions. However, by working closely with your photographer, you’ll be able to create beautiful shots that match your vision.

Greenery Photoshoot

How nature photography can enhance your wedding celebration:

  1. Use greenery as the background or focal point of your shoot. You could capture a shot of a bride walking down the aisle with her bridal party, followed by a group photo taken beneath the trees.
  2. Capture details like flowers and leaves. You can use your photographer’s lenses to capture close-up shots of blooms and leaves that are scattered throughout the venue. For example, you could include a shot of a bride walking down the aisle with her bridesmaids, followed by a shot of the bride and groom standing under a tree or gazing at the flowers.
  3. Incorporate greenery into your wedding dress. Consider having your ceremony take place in a botanical garden or on a terrace overlooking a green space. This could allow for some beautiful shots from behind, including behind the bride and groom as they say their vows.
  4. Use natural lighting during photography sessions. Natural light can be the most versatile type of lighting, allowing you to capture sunset or sunrise photos that perfectly complement nature. You could include a shot of the couple taking a photo together in front of the garden’s fountain.

By incorporating nature photography into your wedding celebration, you’ll be able to create stunning and unique shots that highlight the beauty of nature while also reflecting your style. Trust us, your guests will appreciate it, too!

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