Weddings By Ravi

Weddings By Ravi

Indian-inspired Sri Lankan couple, girl elegantly dressed in red saree.

As a highly skilled wedding photographer, I’m happy to share some of my favorite outdoor wedding photography ideas in the Romantic area. These are just a few examples, but these are just a few suggestions for creating beautiful and unique photos for your outdoor wedding day.
Here are some ideas:


  • Sunset Photos: Capture the beauty of the sunset over the sea or the mountains while you’re at it!
  • Lightning Strike Images: You can capture lightning strikes during a thunderstorm, which creates dramatic and romantic images.
  • Water Photos: A waterfall or river setting is a stunning backdrop for your wedding photos.
  • Wildflowers Photography: Capture the beauty of wildflowers during the spring season.
  • Coastal Scenery Photography: Invest in a tripod and take photos of your couple walking along the beach, looking out at the sea, or taking
  • pictures from different angles to showcase the beautiful surroundings.
  • Nature’s Elements: You can capture the beauty of nature elements such as trees, bushes, flowers, etc. by using natural lighting and low-key shadows to create a soft and romantic look.
  • Romantic Interiors: Capture the romance and intimacy of your wedding day indoors with minimalistic, elegant, and cozy interiors.

Remember, outdoor wedding photography ideas aren’t just about taking photos in beautiful locations – it’s also about creating a relaxed and natural-looking atmosphere that will help you capture the essence of your special day. I wish you all the best in planning and executing your outdoor wedding photography ideas!

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