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Weddings By Ravi

Overcoming Shyness in Wedding Photoshoots

Portrait of a radiant bride holding a bouquet of flowers, her elegance and beauty shining through.

Overcoming Shyness in Wedding Photoshoots: Capturing Authentic Moments Your wedding day is one of the most significant and memorable occasions in your life. The photographs captured during this special event will become cherished mementos that you’ll treasure forever. However, many couples struggle with shyness during their wedding photoshoot, which can hinder the photographer’s ability to […]

Modern Wedding Photography Trends 

Portrait of a radiant bride holding a bouquet of blooming flowers, exuding timeless elegance and beauty.

As a wedding photographer, staying ahead of the curve and embracing the latest modern wedding photography trends is essential. In 2024, couples are seeking fresh, creative approaches to capture the essence of their special day. From candid moments to artistic portraits, Wedding photography is about telling a unique story through visually stunning imagery. Trend #1: Candid and […]

Military Wedding Photography

Navy Man and Bride Embrace on Wedding Day by the Sea

A love story that unfolds against the rhythmic symphony of the sea and the timeless elegance of naval traditions. In our latest feature, we invite you to witness the enchanting wedding day of a gallant officer, and his beloved bride. Set against the backdrop of coastal splendor, this celebration is a visual journey into the heart of nautical romance.

The featured photo captures a moment of pure connection Navy Man and his bride locking eyes with an oceanic panorama stretching to the horizon. In this gaze, love speaks louder than words, and the picturesque beauty of the location becomes a silent witness to their pledge of forever.

As naval elegance meets coastal charm, we invite you to explore the maritime nuances, the exchange of vows by the shore, and the heartfelt moments that define this Navy man’s wedding. Join us on deck as we set sail into a sea of love, where every wave applauds the union of two hearts, and every frame tells a story of wedded bliss against the canvas of coastal splendor.

Sri Lankan Culture and Love: Traditional Wedding Photoshoot

Eternal Elegance: A Sri Lankan Traditional Wedding Amidst Scenic Splendor

Welcome to a celebration of love deeply rooted in tradition and cultural splendor. In our latest feature, we invite you to immerse yourself in the vibrancy of a Traditional Wedding Photoshoot that pays homage to the rich tapestry of Sri Lankan culture. This captivating journey explores the seamless fusion of love and tradition, capturing the essence of a wedding steeped in heritage.

Picture a scene adorned with resplendent colors, intricate details, and the timeless elegance of traditional Sri Lankan attire. Our lens delves into the heart of customs and rituals, gracefully documenting the profound moments that make up the sacred union of two souls. From the vibrant hues of the Kandyan saree to the symbolic rituals that speak volumes, every frame encapsulates the beauty of love interwoven with cultural heritage.

This photoshoot is not merely a visual feast; it is a celebration of Sri Lankan customs that have stood the test of time. Join us as we unfold the pages of a love story written in the language of traditions—where every gesture, every adornment, and every heartfelt smile tell a tale passed down through generations.

Embark on this cultural odyssey, where love becomes a canvas, and tradition paints its masterpiece. Scroll down to witness the beauty of Sri Lankan Culture and Love, woven seamlessly into the fabric of a traditional wedding.

Romantic Beach Engagement Session in Sri Lanka

Romantic Beach Engagement Session in Sri Lanka - Couple Embracing at Sunset

Embark on a journey of love as we delve into the enchanting beauty of a Romantic Beach Engagement Session in the heart of Sri Lanka. In this collection of breathtaking moments, witness the magic that unfolded against the backdrop of sun-kissed shores and the rhythmic melody of the ocean waves.

Picture golden sands, hues of a Sri Lankan sunset, and the genuine laughter that echoed through the air. Each photograph in this series tells a story—a love story painted with the colors of a vibrant sky and the serenity of a beach kissed by the Indian Ocean. Join us as we explore the timeless romance, candid embraces, and stolen glances that define this engagement session.

From the first rays of daylight to the last whispers of twilight, this collection captures the essence of a love that knows no bounds. Discover the hidden gems of Sri Lanka’s coastal landscapes and the intimate moments shared in this engagement session. Let these images transport you to a realm where every wave seems to applaud their joy, and the sands preserve the footprints of a love that promises forever.

Top Trends in Wedding Photography 2024

Romantic couple in an intimate pose.

Step into the future of wedding photography with our exclusive guide to the top trends shaping the industry in 2024. From innovative techniques to creative compositions, discover how photographers are redefining the art of capturing love and emotion on camera. Explore the latest innovations, gain insights from industry experts, and stay ahead of the curve with our comprehensive overview of the most exciting trends in wedding photography for 2024.

The Ultimate Wedding Photography Guide

Couple in love holding a flower bouquet

Discover the ultimate guide to maximizing your wedding photography experience with our comprehensive workshop. From meticulous planning to seamless execution, learn how to collaborate effectively with your photographer and ensure a stress-free event that captures every cherished moment.

Dealing with bad weather on your wedding day: Photo solutions

Romantic beach photo of couple in red attire against the backdrop of crashing waves.

Discover the magic of love against the breathtaking backdrop of the beach in our latest photo album blog. Dive into a visual journey where passion meets the waves, as a radiant couple adorned in vibrant red attire creates timeless memories by the shore.

🌊❤️ Explore the nuances of each photo as the couple dances, laughs, and shares intimate moments, all beautifully captured against the scenic beauty of the beach. From playful splashes to tender embraces, every image tells a unique story of love painted in hues of red against the canvas of the ocean.

🏖️📸 Immerse yourself in the warmth of shared smiles, the coziness of beach blankets, and the serenity of sunset silhouettes. Our album blog is a testament to the artistry of love, showcasing the couple’s journey through joy, passion, and the timeless elegance of red attire against the mesmerizing seascape.

Romantic outdoor wedding photography ideas

Indian wedding couple

In the dance of love and tradition, every moment becomes a chapter in the enchanting love story of this Sri Lankan couple. The air is filled with vibrant hues and the sweet whispers of cultural heritage as the girl graces the scene draped in a resplendent red saree, a testament to the richness of their love and the tapestry of their shared history.

This photo captures a symphony of emotions — from the intricate details of the saree that tell stories of generations past to the unspoken promises exchanged in the dance of their glances. It’s not just a picture; it’s a living canvas where love is painted in every fold of silk, where tradition meets passion, and where a cultural journey unfolds against the backdrop of a breathtaking love story.

Chic Elopement Magic: An Intimate City Escape

Immerse yourself in the intimate charm of chic elopement magic as we unveil the beauty of an urban love story. In this captivating tale, the city becomes a canvas for romance as two hearts intertwine in a dance of love and spontaneity. From secret alleyways to iconic landmarks, every corner holds the promise of adventure and enchantment. Join us on this journey of intimate escape, where love knows no bounds and every moment is filled with the magic of possibility.